Denise Fisher


About Me

My name is Denise Fisher and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I attended Liberty University for both my undergraduate and graduate work which supported the development of my Christian world view as well as an openness to respect and unconditional positive regard for other's opinions and insights. Although raised in a traditional and fundamentalist environment, I have found that, over the years, education, experience, and Godly insight have allowed me to broaden my understanding of human nature and God's Word.

If there is one thing I would like to communicate to a potential client, it is that I will use the knowledge that God has given to us over time in regard to human nature, just as we have gained knowledge of human anatomy to provide physical care. My approach is grounded in the principles of God's word, but it is also concurrent with clinical knowledge available to us in this time.
I will walk alongside you, support your process of learning and growth and encourage spiritual discovery, without judgement or condemnation. It is not my goal to influence your beliefs but to allow you the liberty to discover God for yourself . My hope is that, to the best of my ability, I can offer the same grace and love that Jesus did to the many hurting people He found along His path while here on this earth.
Come talk with me and we will discover that His yoke is easy and His burden light.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Family conflicts
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Coping with life changes
  • ADHD
Also experienced in:
Relationship issues , Grief , Sleeping disorders , Parenting issues , Anger management , Self esteem , Career difficulties , Bipolar disorder , Depression , Coaching , Compassion fatigue

Clinical approaches:
Client-Centered Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Solution-Focused Therapy

Years of Experience: 13

Services Offered

  • Messaging

  • Live Chat

  • Phone

  • Video


LPC #0701006062 (Expires: 2021-06-30)

LPC #0000003311 (Expires: 2020-08-31)


Written by J.O. on Jul 30, 2020 after counseling with Denise for 2 years and 1 month

Denise has been very helpful as I have navigated a difficult relationship as well as stresses from work and home life.

Written by I.S. on Apr 28, 2020 after counseling with Denise for 1 year and 11 months

Denise is great!

Written by S.A. on Jul 14, 2019 after counseling with Denise for 4 months

Denise is great!

Written by K.E. on Jul 14, 2019 after counseling with Denise for 1 month

I haven't been counseling with Denise for very long but the time I have has been extremely helpful and impactful. I had some time away because I thought I didn't need the counseling anymore but I was wrong. I never stopped thinking about Denise's wise and insightful counsel and knew that I need more that. I'm glad to be back.

Written by S.H. on Oct 15, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 6 months

I have enjoyed getting to know Denise. She seems to take genuine interest in my concerns and needs. She is very understanding and offers good advice for the concerns I have and I highly value her opinion.

Written by S.H. on Jun 18, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

Denise asked the questions that first, got her familiar with my situation, then opened my eyes to ways I can deal with it. She came along side me as a friend and was able to speak truth into my problem in such a kind and direct way I was able to put things in perspective in a relatively short time. If it had taken longer I was prepared to listen and communicate because she is very knowledgeable and approachable. I am very thankful she was there when I needed someone to share with and help me sort things out.

Written by K.I. on May 21, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 2 months

I am so thankful to be able to again connect with a someone that helps me with all the ups andowns of my life. I’m thankful and blessed for Mrs. Fisher!!!!

Written by N.I. on May 14, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

Flexibility, empathy, compassionate, strong faith in God, and good listener. I appreciate her experience, strength, professionalism and hope. I refer her to everyone.

Written by J.A. on May 11, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 2 months

Has helped me and gives support and advice that really aides me with my day to day life.

Written by P.A. on Apr 23, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 3 weeks

Denise Fisher takes the time to understand what I'm dealing with. She asks great clarifying questions and pointed out some extremely helpful things to me. She is very respectful of my time and of my situation. Very helpful!

Written by C.A. on Apr 17, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 4 weeks

I have been on this for a short while but it have made a difference in my outbox in life. Just to have someone there to listen to you vent and share concerns you have about your struggles is awesome. Denise Fisher is a wonderful person. She does not rush you, she give insight of your thoughts, she ask questions to make you think about what you say, and she also helps you come up with a plan to keep you on track.

I would recommend Denise Fisher to my family and friends who need someone to talk to and counseling. Faithful Counseling you have a jewel.

Written by J.E. on Apr 03, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

I am super thankful for Mrs. Denise. She has given me wise and sound counsel. I look forward to more sessions.

Written by A.S. on Mar 15, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

It has been great having Ms. Fisher as a counselor. It has made a world of difference for me. I feel comfortable with her, and she writes me back quickly when I need her. I love knowing I have someone to come to with my anxiety that can give me understanding while also helping me overcome it as a whole.

Written by J.E. on Mar 09, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

I have really enjoyed my experience with Faithful Counseling and with Denise. She is always giving me very good insights on what I am going through and asks for my thoughts on those insights. I would recommend her and Faithful Counseling to anyone that needs that extra boost!

Written by D.A. on Mar 07, 2018 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

Denise Fisher was the first contact I've ever had with a mental health practitioner and was instrumental in helping me address my fears and issues in a more positive manner. Because of her efforts, I'm in a safer place today. Thanks Denise!

Written by M.A. on Dec 05, 2017 after counseling with Denise for 2 months

Denise is kind, caring, and an expert at what she does. She has helped me to understand myself.

Written by R.A. on Nov 28, 2017 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

I appreciate Denise's sensitivity, support, and suggestions. She has listened and really heard my heart, as well as pointed me to God's truth. I look forward to continuing to work with her and believe that there will be healing and growth in my life because of her help.

Written by N.O. on Nov 21, 2017 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

This is the first time in my life that I have sought out Christian counseling and I was very pleased. Denise helped me to gain some insight into my problems from childhood trauma. I learned a lot in a short time about myself. Thanks Denise for your help.

Written by L.U. on Nov 12, 2017 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

Denise is always spot on with her response when I message her. I hope to have time to have a session soon but this works now for my lifestyle.

Written by T.A. on Oct 24, 2017 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

Denise has provided valuable input that has helped me overcome a lot of challenges and created guidelines for maintaining a productive and positive outlook. I would most certainly recommend Denise to those who need expert counseling.

Written by A.N. on Oct 04, 2017 after counseling with Denise for 2 weeks

I am glad to be able to have someone to talk to and help.