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About Me

I am originally from Pennsylvania where I grew up and earned both my Bachelor's and Master's of Social Work from Shippensburg University. I also grew up in a home of faith where my relationship with God was real and explored from a young age. Throughout my life as a teen and adult, I have volunteered , been in leadership roles in the Christian Fellowship at my university , and worked for faith-based organizations that have served many different groups of people. I also have professional work experience in non-faith based organizations in the mental health field. I have currently been contracting with a Christian counseling agency for the past two years as I have earned my Clinical Social Work License. Throughout my professional and personal experiences, I have built relationships with people of strong faith in a Biblical worldview, those struggling, and skeptics. My personal faith in Jesus Christ, daily journey in knowing Him, and the power of His presence WITH US is the driving force of what compels me to do this work. I believe my role is to be present with people in their pain, because in this world there will be a lot of pain, and people need to see courage; the courage to be with people through their pain and provide guidance through it. A life of faith and living out a Biblical worldview is tough and difficult. Life in general is difficult no matter what you believe, but there is hope.

I have just started a private practice in Rock Hill, SC named Selah Services. I hope the following will give you a better understanding of who I am and my approach which will influence my interactions with Better Help clients.

SELAH is a word used as a musical or poetic term and found in biblical text throughout the Psalms and parts of Habakkuk. There are some uncertainties of the meaning and its use in various languages, but it has come to be understood as a place to “pause or rest” in music, and to carefully weigh the meaning of what was just stated, read, or heard. It has implications of lifting up and praise, and a change in thought, theme, or direction. It can be a moment to take a breath, rest, and reflect. I believe this is a valuable practice and concept, no matter what your spiritual beliefs or origin of the word itself.

We are changed when we are confronted with truth, turn our focus, and believe in a new way of life and understanding of who we are. I understand that spiritual concepts and truth may be too mysterious or complex for some, and if so, know that you are still welcome here and worthy of connection. This is a human desire, and SELAH Services will always be a safe place to explore vulnerability, practice courage, and learn new ways and skills to help work through the difficulties you may be facing. It is a place for encouragement, education, and accountability.

Counseling with me, will be an opportunity for you to explore what it means for you to “take a breath and reflect.” Just like the word SELAH is uncertain in its meaning and origin, life can be and feel uncertain, but there is hope. In counseling, you will be given permission to redefine the meaning of your past story, get clear about your present, and dream up the potential of your future story. Come and See.

• TO CONNECT with the community of which I live and work and provide a service to address mental health needs. To assist people in realizing they are worthy of love and belonging, and that we are created and physiologically made for connection.
• TO EDUCATE on the importance and power of vulnerability, shame, trust, boundaries, wholehearted living (courageous action), faith, planning, and patience.
• TO CHALLENGE the societal norms of “connectedness” in this age of easy access & convenience, disposability, immediate pleasure and perfection, and relationships fueled by power and control.
• TO REMEMBER that people are doing the best they can with what they know or been told.
• TO STAY CLOSE TO my own values and beliefs and keep my behaviors in line with what’s important and ethical (adhering to the principles of the social work profession).
• TO TRUST God to define who I am and the power of His ways and timing.
• To support people through the story they are living in.
• To help people find new meaning and understanding of their past story, get clear about the purpose of their present story, and to create opportunity to dream up the potential of their future story.
• With best judgement, consultation, and referral, ensure the emotional and physical safety of those in danger.
• To maintain a useful and compassionate service which brings healing and transformation in people’s lives.
• To be a safe place to feel and explore pain.
• To be a safe place to feel and explore joy.
• For people to better cope with pain and suffering, and to experience the wonder and rest of peace and joy; outside the counseling room.
• For people to love others and live in such a way that they too feel loved.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Self esteem
  • Depression

I also have experience in LGBT, Relationship issues, Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Eating disorders, Parenting issues, Anger management, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder

Years of Experience: 5

Services Offered

  • Messaging

  • Live Chat

  • Phone

  • Video


LCSW #C011602 (Expires: 2020-06-30)

LISW #12783 (Expires: 2020-12-31)


Written by J.E. on Apr 04, 2019 after counseling with Rachel for 2 months

I am very thankful that Mrs. Benkler was chosen as my counselor. Our talks have been an absolute blessing to me. She has helped me in so many ways, to come to a better understanding of what I'm struggling with.