Dr. Susan Boafo-Arthur


About Me

My name is Susan and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). I have been a Christian since my early teenage years. My life's vision and goals have been continually shaped by my faith. I have a firm belief in the words of Philippians 4:13 and hope that in our work together I can inspire hope and the belief that your situation will change for the better. I believe that the counseling in combination with the tenets of the Christian faith makes for more effective and consistent changes as opposed to talk-therapy alone.

I have worked with clients with a wide range of concerns including depression, stress and anxiety, career related concerns, family and other relational issues, self-esteem, acculturation and transition related to immigration. I have also worked in individual, family and group therapy sessions in an outpatient setting. Additionally, I have also devoted a significant amount of time in working with international students and immigrant populations.

I have a warm and interactive style of counseling and draw from different therapeutic approaches based on client's presenting concerns, goals, and motivation. I aim to provide the best level of care to my clients as they work to become the person they want to be. I believe in treating anyone with respect, sensitivity, and compassion, and I don't believe in stigmatizing labels. My approach combines cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, solution focused, psychodynamic and rational-emotive counseling. I will tailor our dialog and treatment plan to meet your unique and specific needs.

It takes courage to seek for a more fulfilling and happier life and to take the first steps towards a change. If you are ready to take that step I am here to support and empower you.

I look forward to working with you!


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Relationship issues
  • Self esteem
  • Career difficulties
  • Depression
Also experienced in:
Family conflicts , Trauma and abuse , Intimacy-related issues , Parenting issues , Anger management , Abandonment , Attachment Issues , Codependency , Commitment Issues , Communication Problems , Divorce and Separation , Read more...
Years of Experience: 7

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LPC #PC009365 (Expires: 2021-02-01)

LMHC #0680134131 (Expires: 2021-01-01)


Written by D.A. on Dec 05, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 2 weeks

Extremely knowledgeable, relatable and culturally aware of the settings that I am in.

Written by C.A. on Dec 02, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 5 months

She is amazing and insightful. She cares a lot and give amazing guidance.

Written by A.N. on Oct 16, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 3 weeks

Susan is very understanding and practical. I really was able to see how I can improve my way of thinking and dealing with stress and anxiety.

Written by T.R. on Oct 16, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 2 weeks

Dr. Susan has a warm, personal way of speaking. I feel at ease with the gentle but firm way in which she speaks with me and gets me to understand what it is I need to do. She has never come across as judgmental, but rather supportive and genuine. She is knowledgeable and helps me to explore alternative options for my growth. Her personal touch gives me hope for the future and I always anticipate our next session. Every session leaves me more empowered, challenged and reassured. Thanks to Dr. Susan, I'm able to be intentional in my way forward.

Written by A.M. on Aug 31, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 2 weeks

Dr. Susan has helped me immensely in just a few sessions. I have done face-to-face counseling in the past and this experience is just as effective for me. In addition, I love that she prays with me at the end of our sessions and recommends Scripture that can help me in my particular situation. She is a strong Christian and has counseled me from a cognitive, emotional, and also spiritual perspective —which to me is priceless. Dr. Susan is warm and caring and offers practical advice and wisdom to navigate through the difficult life situations that I am facing. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking counseling, and I would also highly recommend the Faithful Counseling app in general. I love that I can fit a session in before work or around my busy schedule. Dr Susan and the Faithful Counseling app are true answers to prayer!

Written by P.A. on Jul 26, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 3 months

Dr Boafo-Arthur has been a godsend. She’s helped me identify issues and situations I need to avoid and has helped me lay out a plan to move forward in life in a healthy way.

Written by C.H. on Jul 21, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 2 weeks

Dr. Boafo-Arthur has been great! She is really helping me to see things clearly and providing some great perspective. I am now looking to the future with hope, and look forward to continuing to work with her.

Written by C.H. on May 29, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 6 months

Dr Susan provided great insights and a different perspective to my situation. I felt that she is a great listener and was able to identify my needs immediately. I also appreciated her communication style in which she was very honest and challenged me where necessary, instead of beating around the bush.
I recently returned to counseling with her 6 months later to update her and also to continue seeking professional insights into my situation. I really appreciate being able to share my perspective with her and to be guided to consider other views.

Written by M.I. on May 26, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 1 year and 2 months

Dr. Boafo-Arthur has been an amazing support through some of the most difficult days of my life. She has an amazing capacity for empathy.

Written by D.E. on Apr 12, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 1 month

Dr. Biafo-Arthur is a blessing. This is my first time doing counseling and she has made the process so comfortable for me.

Written by E.. on Feb 21, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 2 weeks

I am very thankful for all she has done for me!

Written by L.A. on Jan 16, 2019 after counseling with Susan for 8 months

Dr. Arthur has been great. I would recommend her to anyone I know. She is compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive! I bless the day she was assigned to me.

Written by M.I. on Oct 16, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 5 months

Dr. Boafo-Arthur is an excellent counselor. She is a good listener and also offered"practical solutions" as well as teaching / coaching me on how to better take care of myself emotionally and mentally. I highly recommend her!

Written by R.O. on Sep 09, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 4 months

Susan is a fantastic listener and organized multitasker at the same time! She doesn’t miss a word I say and has plenty of resources and experiences to share with me that are on point!

Susan during my dark time, you were truly a light in the midst of darkness as an ambassador of Christ....you have no idea how grateful I am foe you bc I don’t know how well things would’ve ended up if I had to deal with it on my own. You’re a safe haven, I never felt judged or insufficient.

Well I could go on and on but overall...thank you! God continue to increase you in knowledge, wisdom, strength, favor, grace, love and compassion.

Written by L.E. on Jul 24, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 4 months

She is very helpful.

Written by A.U. on Jul 18, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 3 months

I adore Dr. Baofo-Arthur. Not only is she a wise counselor, she’s relatable too. She’ll be your number one supporter in pursuing your dreams, but genuinely checks in that you’re pursuing them for the right reasons. Every session with her I find something new to practice, and she helps me grow in my faith and resilience.

Written by C.H. on Jul 18, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 2 months

Dr. Boafu-Arthur is very attentive and listens to me before offering her perspective. She is not judgemental or harsh with her words. She makes good suggestions about reading resources to help me through my difficulties.

Written by D.E. on May 25, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 2 months

Dr. Boafo-Arthur took the time to deeply analyze the anxiety and oppression (I originally thought it was depression), and was able to help me get to the roots of the issue. She is patient, caring, wise and uses God's wisdom in all of her counseling. I'm grateful that the Lord lead me here.

Written by S.T. on May 18, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 1 month

Dr. Boafo-Arthur is amazing. Always there for me and very knowledgeable. She cares and that is what I needed, someone to care and listen.

Written by J.E. on May 07, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 3 weeks

Only 2 sessions in so far, but I've gotten more out of these two sessions than I have with face to face counselors.

Written by J.D. on May 02, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 4 days

You rocked! Sad I couldn't continue!

Written by D.A. on Apr 17, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 2 weeks

Dr. Boafo-Arthur is kind, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and cares. She has been a great support to me through a time of transition.

Written by A.N. on Apr 08, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 2 weeks

Responds in a timely fashion and is very open minded.

Written by B.R. on Apr 02, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 2 weeks

An amazing counselor; I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Written by J.A. on Mar 30, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 2 weeks

She is caring, compassionate, and sincere! Listens thoroughly and really cares for you.

Written by N.Y. on Mar 26, 2018 after counseling with Susan for 2 weeks

Although its awkward to open up to a stranger Dr. Boafo-Arthur definitely is understanding. I never felt judged! Whether you go to church or you don’t this is a safe space to open up about anything! It’s as easy as a text message with unlimited counseling, that was actually the most convenient part for me! I already have and will continue to recommend Faithful Counseling.