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I started my counseling experience in a Christian based environment. Before I decided to continue my formal education in counseling I was led by one of my Christian mentors to serve in the church's counseling ministry. In the church we focused on many areas of life that included, but were not limited to, the principles of a good Christian family and the beliefs that fulfills God-Given roles in marraige, family and society. If it were not for my experience in the church, I do not believe that I would have pursued a career in mental health counseling. I truly believe that the path to healthy living is through the gospel. There was one verse that inspired me most in my transformation. John 8:36 "If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed." If you believe in the "Son" It is my belief that there is nothing impossible to overcome, if we give up our self will and rely on "God's Will" the emotional battles that we face are not in the physical realm, they are in the spiritual realm and If we are willing to accept that there is a higher power and learn to rely on "Him" then the battle of overcoming emotional turmoil and social/family conflict is within our grasp.


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Relationship issues
  • Grief
  • Depression

I also have experience in LGBT, Family conflicts, Trauma and abuse, Eating disorders, Parenting issues, Anger management, Self esteem, Career difficulties

Years of Experience: 16

Services Offered

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LPC #178.005887 (Expires: 2021-03-01)


Written by D.O. on Mar 15, 2020 after counseling with Wayne for 2 weeks

Dr. Hill is very kind, his wisdom and understanding of the problems I face have helped me, lessened my anxiety and restored a sense of hope I had lost about my future. I'm very thankful for his counsel.

Written by F.A. on Aug 23, 2019 after counseling with Wayne for 3 weeks

Wayne was an amazing support for me during a very stressful time in my life. He was able to offer wise counsel and support in a way that was grounding and practical. I've appreciated working with him and have received a lot in just the few weeks we have worked together.

Written by M.I. on Aug 17, 2019 after counseling with Wayne for 2 weeks

I’ve had three sessions with Wayne and he has helped me feel comfortable and safe to share. Wayne has made me see where my own thoughts and standards are leading to fear and shame, which are causing more problems for me. I look forward to continued sessions and continued progress.

Written by D.A. on Aug 02, 2019 after counseling with Wayne for 8 months

I would definitely recommend Wayne to family & friends!

Written by T.R. on May 29, 2019 after counseling with Wayne for 2 months


Written by A.I. on Jan 02, 2019 after counseling with Wayne for 2 weeks

I shared a lot of things with Mr. Hill, including things I hadn’t told anyone that I believed would cause my family to stop loving me. He didn’t judge me. He was a patient, faithful, Christian sounding board that diligently listened and genuinely wanted to help. He used scripture before personal opinion and has been a great help.

Written by C.A. on Oct 14, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 3 weeks

Thank your for your advice!

Written by J.A. on Oct 13, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 6 months

Very happy with Wayne's counseling; he's knowledgeable regarding addiction and personal issues.

Written by V.I. on Apr 25, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 4 months

As a young professional, I have felt blessed to have "the fear of God" sent to my doorstep, forcing me to reevaluate the Book of James. Wayne Hill, Dr. Hill I preferred to call him, shared much needed wisdom from his understanding of practicing as a Christian. He has always been able to make me feel sane again. I may not see the light at the end of the tunnel, but as I discontinue my monthly retainer I had on him, I am confident that the journey is well worth it. God Bless.

Written by A.N. on Apr 11, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 2 months

Wayne is doing an excellent job. God gave him a special gift to known how to help people and guide them through different kind of situations. He has a lots of experience and he is very professional. Great counsellor!

Written by B.U. on Apr 01, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 2 weeks

I would say that Wayne is a great counselor. He has definitely been blessed with the gift of discernment and knows both how to best come at a particular situation but also is NOT afraid of speaking truth in a loving and caring way to help people. Honestly I'm very grateful to have this gentleman as my counselor.

I just pray that God richly blesses him and his family. Thank each and every single one of you.

Written by M.A. on Mar 23, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 2 weeks

Wayne has been so far a good counselor. He keeps digging to find my core problems. It has been a short time since I started this program and I know it can take long to address/find out different issues that we human have. So far he is consistent and that shows that he cares.

Written by L.I. on Mar 06, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 2 weeks

Compassionate and wise! Highly recommended!

Written by T.I. on Feb 28, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 3 weeks

Wayne has certainly been a great help. He’s a great listener and his experience is very telling on how quickly he picks up what I’m going through without much detail.

I really appreciate your help Wayne, you have certainly helped me look at life differently and helped me begin to rebuild what I thought was beyond my God given choice.

Written by J.A. on Feb 15, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 2 weeks

Wayne Hill uses his expertise in the field of counseling as well as biblical based scripture sharing that offers a new perspective to help you through your time of need. The timely responses and thorough communication have helped me greatly!

Written by E.M. on Feb 07, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 2 weeks

Wayne has been an awesome counselor and has portrayed this fatherly image while offering professional advice. I find it extremely stress-free opening up to him, and would recommend him to anyone seeking counseling.

Written by L.A. on Feb 03, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 3 weeks

After working with Wayne Hill immediately he was able to help me gather my thoughts and even bring out things that I was not seeing. In my case this was extremely helpful because I needed some immediate guidance, although I know this is a process. He was able to end my session with some solutions and things for me to give thought. He listen and confirmed to make sure he could give me sound guidance. For me I knew after my first session I was in good hands and with someone that had experience to handle the problems I needed to discuss in the manner that I needed. I am very grateful for his expertise and help.

Written by C.A. on Jan 02, 2018 after counseling with Wayne for 2 weeks

Wayne was a great help to me.