Elizabeth Shartle


About Me

My counseling degree is a degree in Christian counseling from Liberty University. At the time I enrolled, I thought they wouldn't want me as a student if they knew I was a cigarette-smoking, temper-challenged, single-mom with a shaky faith. I didn't enroll because I wanted a Christian counseling degree. I enrolled because it was, at the time, the only distance-learning program that would get me licensure in Ohio.

We never know, though, what the Lord has in store for us! I left the cigarettes behind, my temper subsided, my parenting improved, and my faith increased beyond measure. I realized I was just the kind of person Jesus came for 2,000 years ago and is still here for today. I learned that God's word is relevant. And funny. And exciting. And true. I don't use Scripture as a weapon in my counseling, I use it to show that our creator knows us, every last intimate detail, and truly, loves us to pieces with a desire that we should do what is right because it is the right thing to do and trust Him to work out the details.

Learning counseling at Liberty, I came to understand the basics of anxiety, grief, depression, and all the more serious concerns. I learned how these impact thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. More, though, I learned that having a Biblical worldview means something. I learned that people who have been hurt in church often have a view of God like their earthly father but with some Heavenly distance. I learned that as a Christian counselor I can be the one Paul refers to in Galatians 6:2 where he says we ought to bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ - the command to love the Lord and to love one another. My vision of counseling is just that - to come along side, to help bear the burden. As a Christian counselor I believe Scripture has outlined the fundamental ways in which we ought to try to live life so as to experience and demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit and the peace that we are promised. My counseling techniques are all underscored by compassion and respect.

My heart goes out to those who struggle with anxiety and addiction, depression, career frustrations, loss of self-esteem and more. We are not meant to live our lives in isolation, and God uses others to comfort us when we're hurting (2 Corinthians 1:3-5). Seeking comfort and asking for help takes courage though, and my favorite verse is 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power and of love and of a sound mind. This is the spirit in you! I will work with you to fan this spirit into flame so that you might rejoice in this day and every day!


  • Stress, Anxiety
  • Addictions
  • Family conflicts
  • Self esteem
  • Coping with life changes

I also have experience in Relationship issues, Trauma and abuse, Grief, Parenting issues, Anger management, Career difficulties, Bipolar disorder, Depression, Coaching, Compassion fatigue

Years of Experience: 10

Services Offered

  • Messaging

  • Live Chat

  • Phone

  • Video


LPCC #E. 0800160 (Expires: 2022-01-23)


Written by S.T. on Mar 13, 2020 after counseling with Elizabeth for 10 months

Elizabeth clearly has the gift of counseling. She is a great listener and always has sound biblical advice. She always goes above and beyond and takes the time to follow up with relevant articles and other information that can help me in between sessions.

Written by B.R. on Mar 08, 2020 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 weeks

I have loved working with Elizabeth Shartle. She helps me process what I am working through and gives me the tools to rise into my best self.

Written by A.M. on Jan 27, 2020 after counseling with Elizabeth for 5 months

Positive experience- she is very thorough, has listened well, and been very good at offering input without coming across as judge mental. I appreciate how she points me to scripture and a biblical world view and does it without "christianeese" or pat answers to difficult situations.

Written by K.E. on Dec 31, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 3 months

Very empathetic, knowledgeable, great insight and biblical wisdom applied to real life scenarios. A definite asset for anyone struggling in life.

Written by E.R. on Dec 04, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 weeks

When I tell her what I think and feel and what is really going on, she knows me and the situation and how to look at it in a way I hadn't and I have hope. I am so happy for her talking to me and investing in my life.

Written by K.R. on Nov 12, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 3 weeks

I am thankful for Elizabeth and her intuition and guidance as I learn how to navigate the rough waters of life. She listens, asks questions , and provides resources quickly to help me assess my situations. She brings in the word of God and how it applies to my life and struggles. I really like that I can reach out when I am having a difficult time. She is very quick to respond and helps me move my thinking in a more positive and stable way.

Written by R.A. on Oct 01, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 5 months

Great job!

Written by K.E. on Sep 09, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 months

Elizabeth has been absolutely great with me. She is gentle and kind yet confident in the way she helps me. She is very willing and open to learn what types of techniques and strategies help me specifically. I would absolutely recommend her sweet soul for counseling sessions!

Written by K.A. on Jul 17, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 months

I love working with Elizabeth! She is very professional and her conversation is always relayed to me in a very caring and sincere tone. Her kindness is very needed, and appreciated. She is truly a Godsend to me at this point in my life!

Written by K.A. on Jul 09, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 3 weeks

I love working with Elizabeth. When we first started working together we were not on the same page, when she realized it she apologized and fixed the situation. She is the best therapist I have ever had.

Written by J.E. on Jun 17, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 weeks

Elizabeth has added so much value to me in even just the short time we've been together so far. She has a thoughtful, faith-based approach and has helped tremendously already.

Written by G.E. on May 28, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 weeks

She was very knowledgeable, listened and asked pertinent questions providing me with Bible-based solutions. My counselor helped me to begin to find the tools I need, to begin and achieve a healthy mind and soul going forward in the next chapter of my life.

Written by S.T. on May 16, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 1 month

Elizabeth is great!

Written by H.E. on Apr 27, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 weeks

Elizabeth Shartle is very kind and encouraging. She responds to my messages quickly.

Written by K.I. on Apr 15, 2019 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 weeks

Elizabeth has been wonderful so far!!

Written by D.A. on Dec 15, 2018 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 weeks

Elizabeth has been a real blessing to me. She has been helpful presenting ideas and biblical references to help me overcome my addictions and to help identify the triggers that lead to such behavior, and how we as sinners use justification as an excuse to engage in destructive behaviors. From the very beginning I felt comfortable sharing sensitive thoughts with her, even though this sin is embarrassing and shameful for me discuss she really helped me along in those areas. The only area I think can be improved upon, would be the opportunity to email or text in real time.
If others have struggles with any sin I highly recommend Faithful Counseling. Thank you so much and God bless.

Written by S.U. on Jul 11, 2018 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 weeks

Elizabeth has been such a support for me, helping me with perspective and working through some challenges.

Written by J.E. on Jun 29, 2018 after counseling with Elizabeth for 2 weeks

Elizabeth has been wonderful to work with. I am so thankful that I was paired with her. She is so kind and tactful with her responses. She also does a great job of leading me to an "aha moment" and letting me discover the connections on my own. In our short time together she has been so beneficial to me.