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September 21, 2018

Review #34787
Written by D.A. after counseling with LaKisha Erwin for 2 weeks

LaKisha has been wonderful! It's only been a few sessions, but I am thankful for how she's helped me process so much that I have never stopped to consider. Excited to keep working with her.

Review #34763
Written by B.E. after counseling with Saju Abraham for 10 months

I have already told many people about Faithful Counseling and Mr. Abraham's abilities. I do not know what I would have done without his help. Thank you for this online service. It is very difficult for me to get out and see a counselorl

Review #34751
Written by J.A. after counseling with Tobi Trickett for 2 weeks

I enjoy working with her

Tobi TrickettLMHC,LPC,MAC

Review #34774
Written by E.R. after counseling with Shawn Edgington for 2 weeks

She responds quickly, has logical advice and really cares. She's been a God-send when I needed it most.

Shawn EdgingtonMA, LPC, LCDC

Review #34761
Written by D.Y. after counseling with Elliott Sewell for 2 weeks

Elliott is very understanding of my problems and provides valuable feedback. Couldn't recommend him enough.

Elliott SewellMA, LPCC,NCC

Review #34744
Written by T.A. after counseling with Beverly Vanover for 2 weeks

Beverly is a very good counselor.

Beverly VanoverLPC-TA DCC NCC CCTP
September 20, 2018

Review #34684
Written by L.Y. after counseling with Anne McCutchen for 2 weeks

Anne is a very good counselor. Available as much as her busy schedule allows. Supportive in my own personal journey. Encouraging me in my relationship with God. I would recommended her to other people who are struggling.

Review #34671
Written by N.I. after counseling with William Darrisaw for 3 weeks

Pastor Will as I would call him is honestly the best counselor I have ever had personally. He listens to what I have to say and makes sure to provide good biblical coping skills. He is patient and compassionate but at the same time he is not afraid to be real with you. I would honestly recommend him to anyone who is in need of some strong, sound biblical counseling.

William DarrisawMS, LPC, NCC, BC-TMH
September 19, 2018

Review #34649
Written by J.A. after counseling with Karen Fischer for 2 weeks

Though very early in our time together as counsellor/client I have found Karen understanding, supportive, and she always replies within 24 hours.

Karen FischerLMFT,LMHC

Review #34622
Written by E.L. after counseling with Jesse Daso for 2 weeks

My experience so far with my counselor Jesse Daso has exceeded my expectations. He has quickly created a safe space for me to share my feelings and concerns, and managed to get to the heart of the issue compassionately and skillfully. I am extremely grateful for this method of counseling and that I was matched with him.

Jesse DasoLPC,SAC

Review #34624
Written by S.A. after counseling with Dr. Christopher Blake for 2 months

Great guy. He's sage and it feels like you are hanging out with a guy who knows what's what.

Review #34609
Written by R.E. after counseling with Tara Michener for 6 months

Tara is amazing. I recommend this service and Tara in particular to anyone looking for help!

September 18, 2018

Review #34597
Written by T.A. after counseling with Rebekah Shaulis for 6 months

Love her... Left and came back to her!

Rebekah ShaulisMA,LPC,NCC

Review #34577
Written by A.M. after counseling with Keri Lawrence for 5 months

Keri is wonderful and very helpful!

Review #34555
Written by D.A. after counseling with L. Nora Durand for 4 months

I am so happy to have L. Nora Durand. She has been a God send to me.

Review #34586
Written by C.A. after counseling with Kenya Turner for 2 weeks

I really appreciated Kenya's interest in myself and my situation, before giving any advice. She really sought to understand not only my heart, but my environment also.

Review #34561
Written by A.N. after counseling with Martha Padilla for 2 weeks

Martha Padilla has been a wonderful help for me as I navigate a difficult time in my life. She is very informed, listens to my concerns and provides meaningful feedback to help me get back on track with my life.

September 17, 2018

Review #34543
Written by D.O. after counseling with Alicia Fiske for 2 weeks

Alicia Fiske has been very helpful and available.

Review #34499
Written by S.O. after counseling with Dr. Keosha Branch for 4 months

I love her!

Dr. Keosha BranchPh.D., LPC, NCC

Review #34477
Written by K.A. after counseling with Kimberley Smith-Maxwell for 2 months

Working with Kimberley Smith-Maxwell has been a very positive experience. She is both supportive and insightful, and is consistently available. She has been especially helpful in rephrasing to clarify and help me understand what I’m experiencing and feeling.

Review #34523
Written by B.E. after counseling with Roselle O'Brien for 1 week

I genuinely feel better after just only one session talking with Roselle. She makes me feel safe to share my deep thought with her, also really caring and understanding in so many levels. Her advice also very helpful. I really can't thank her enough!

Review #34487
Written by R.Y. after counseling with Famous Erwin for 2 weeks

Erwin is a very kind, God loving, people loving, patient man. He is knowledgeable about both scripture and the human mind and its complexities. I would recommend anyone stuck in lifes most chaotic circumstances to give Erwin a chance. He cannot fix it for you, only God can do that, but he can and does speak through God to give you the tools for a closer relationship with the almighty, and find a sound mind and peace.

Review #34476
Written by S.T. after counseling with Carnell Colebrook-Claude for 2 months

Carnell is a super sensitive, yet logical counsellor. She is well balanced in her perspectives and advice. I really love how she challenges me to “dig deeper” and understand the roots of my feelings. I trust her judgement and her advice, and I truly believe that working with her is helping me become healed and whole. I appreciate her wisdom and her prayers!

Carnell Colebrook-ClaudeMA, PhD Resident
September 16, 2018

Review #34475
Written by T.A. after counseling with Cherie Trentini for 2 months

Thank you for being honest and true- and actually listening.

Review #34446
Written by E.R. after counseling with Megan Crawford for 3 weeks

She is helpful and encouraging! Grateful I have her as my counselor!

Review #34471
Written by A.S. after counseling with April Stone for 3 weeks

She is very helpful and listens to what I have to say. She also doesn't sugar coat things and tells me the truth without beating around the bush. I really appreciate that she is so straightforward with me.

September 15, 2018

Review #34427
Written by E.A. after counseling with Sarahi Hernandez for 2 months

Sarahi has changed my life and gave me the extra push I needed to finally find peace and healing. She is such a faithful follower of Christ and I am so happy God put her in my life!

September 14, 2018

Review #34379
Written by L.I. after counseling with Christie Ryan for 5 months

She doesn't make me feel small for the issues I have, like some professionals I've come across. She treats me like a human being, which is more than some of my closest family and friends. I'd recommend her to anyone I know.

Review #34356
Written by M.O. after counseling with Keri Kitchen for 2 weeks

Keri has been so wonderful to work with. I love that she points me back to God's word and prayer.

Keri KitchenM.Ed., LPCC, NCC

Review #34370
Written by N.A. after counseling with Rebecca Fiest for 4 months

Rebecca has helped me a lot in finding the root causes of my anxiety and how to combat it in my day to day life. Its been really helpful to have Rebecca to share my struggles with, and she always comes back with positive and intuitive advice. She's helped me see issues in my life from a broader perspective and has shown me God's role in it all.

Rebecca FiestMS, LPC, NCC

Review #34349
Written by L.I. after counseling with Dr. Kourtney Vaillancourt for 8 months

I really like Dr. Vaillancourt . She always listens and never judges . She is supportive and seems to come back with the responses that feel right to me . She understands my issues and I can always count on her. It is like having a non-judgemental best friend .

September 13, 2018

Review #34302
Written by A.M. after counseling with Joseph Garza for 2 weeks

Joseph is very responsive, attentive and supportive. I was not sure what to expect from remote counsel. It’s been helpful and I appreciate him being a resource to me.

Review #34293
Written by E.L. after counseling with Sharon Valentino for 2 weeks

Sharon is a warm, loving and gentle listener. It was easy to connect with Sharon right away because of her easy going nature and her encouraging tone. She was accurate in determining the areas that I needed to work on and I work best in a structured format. I appreciate her fast replies despite her busy life, which made me feel that I had a daily support to listen to me. Sharon creates a safe environment for anyone that needs help. I am so thankful that I was matched with Sharon based on my basic needs. I have a great faith that Sharon will continue to help me understand myself in a deeper level and learn tools to resolve/manage some of my issues.

Sharon ValentinoLMFT, CAATC, RAS
September 12, 2018

Review #34281
Written by B.E. after counseling with Eden West for 3 weeks

Listen extremely well and understands my needs.

Eden WestLCSW, MSW

Review #34263
Written by R.O. after counseling with Dr. Latrice Love for 2 weeks

I was certainly concerned about whether getting online counseling was a good idea or not. Upon talking to Dr Love, I felt very comfortable, not judged and I felt heard. I was at a breaking point, I needed the help. I just started talking and immediately she knew what to say and do. We did a couple of questions which honestly helped me moved past the things in my head. I’m forever grateful for the time she’s given me and the progress I’ve made in the short 3 weeks that we’ve been talking. She’s a Godsend.

Review #34247
Written by A.S. after counseling with Dr. Keosha Branch for 2 months

Dr. Branch has been very encouraging and a wonderful supporter! I felt really comfortable sharing everything with her since the beginning. I definitely recommend her and this service. Thank you, Dr. Branch!

Dr. Keosha BranchPh.D., LPC, NCC

Review #34220
Written by J.O. after counseling with Dr. Christopher Blake for 4 months

Dr. Blake is extremely practical & easy to talk to. He is so compassionate & I have never felt any judgement or awkwardness in talking to him. I really appreciate the reading / homework strategies that Dr. Blake utilizes. They are ongoing supportive tools to use when not in session & really adds value to sessions. Dr Blake is seasoned & mature but also very current with understanding today’s culture & issues. I appreciate his humor & the gentle yet assertive way that he can bring an issue or insight to the discussion.

Review #34264
Written by S.U. after counseling with Chrystal Liebold for 7 months

I am so glad to have Chrystal as my counselor! She understands me and she just knows what to say to help me! It's almost like her and I have been friends for years but we have only known each other for a few months! She's an amazing person and you can tell that she truly cares about you, if you have had her! Thank you Chrystal for being there when I needed you the most!

Review #34250
Written by A.S. after counseling with Phil D'Agostino for 2 months

He is an excellent counselor.

Phil D'AgostinoM.Ed., LPC

Review #34222
Written by V.I. after counseling with Dr. Lori Whatley for 5 months

Your questions ask "How likely would I be to recommend Dr. Lori/Faithful Counseling" when in fact I already have recommended both to several people! It is a simple format to interact with that is extremely convenient and also a cost saver. Dr. Lori is an answer to prayer in that she listens to me in a way that puts me at ease and helps me to understand areas of my life that have, up to now, been a source of pain and anxiety. She is open and honest in a direct and caring way that is exactly what I need at this point in my life. I thank God for her!

September 11, 2018

Review #34214
Written by B.R. after counseling with Lakeetra Catchings for 4 weeks

Lakeetra is far from my first counselor. She isn’t even my first councilor on this site, but she is the first counselor to truly help me make immensely positive progress and help me find the eureka moments. Thanks to her I truly feel that I’m finally heading toward true healing and making my way to where I need to be in my life. Thank you again Lakeetra, for helping me feel like I’m going to be ok. Better- like I’m going to be who I was always meant to be.

Review #34168
Written by D.A. after counseling with Michelle Wilkinson for 2 months

Michelle seems to be very professional. She makes herself available and is willing to adjust her time for me if necessary. She has always kept her appointments in a timely manner. She is very insightful and picks up quickly on the direction the counseling needs to go. She also has a good sense of humor. I would say you are fortunate if you get Michelle for a counselor.

Review #34152
Written by M.A. after counseling with Ashley Mcguffee for 3 weeks

Ashley is wonderful, patient and kind. I am so grateful I got a chance to work with her. I finally felt like I was being heard and received helpful counseling from Ashley.

Review #34182
Written by R.O. after counseling with Sharell Arneaud for 2 weeks

Sharell has been very good. Listens well and offers me things to think about. She is very understanding of my situation

Review #34166
Written by S.U. after counseling with Laurie Sansom for 2 weeks

Very nice person who respects me and offers help when I reach out.

September 10, 2018

Review #34121
Written by J.U. after counseling with Lisa Stammerjohann for 2 months

Lisa is very good at listening to your issues and making suggestions that help you! We share the same Christian belief in Jesus Christ, which has been very important to me.

Review #34107
Written by A.N. after counseling with James Urban for 2 weeks

James is warm, friendly and professional. He makes me feel safe opening up about the things I struggle with. He is currently helping me work through depression/anxiety/panic attacks and self harm by suggesting different coping techniques that I feel comfortable with. Knowing that I can send him a message anytime and that he’ll never make me feel weird or embarrassed is something I really appreciate. He’s brilliant.

Review #34087
Written by H.A. after counseling with Val Tichy for 1 month

Val has been very attentive and caring about my anxiety. She has given me practical things to do and work on. She has been very good about live chatting with me when I have needed it. I know that can be tough for schedules to allow. I appreciate her willingness to pray for my struggles.

Val TichyMS,LMHC

Review #34109
Written by B.O. after counseling with Tracey Reno for 4 months

Tracey, seems to be able to get at the root of all of my rambling and provides good feedback for me to sit down with and reflect on.

Tracey RenoMA,LPC,NCC

Review #34093
Written by S.A. after counseling with Erica Harris for 2 weeks

Erica Harris is a very wise and gifted lady!

Review #34086
Written by C.H. after counseling with Dr. Samuel Abbott for 2 months

I enjoy my experience with Andy and I feel comfortable to open up enough to resolve some issues. The future smells like a fresh cup of coffee.

September 9, 2018

Review #34034
Written by C.H. after counseling with Kari Bouldin for 3 weeks

Kari is amazing, she is very knowledgeable and very sweet. I love that she also has a sense of humor even while helping me through the hardest times. I highly recommend her!

Kari BouldinMA, LMFT

Review #34020
Written by R.O. after counseling with Dr. Susan Boafo-Arthur for 4 months

Susan is a fantastic listener and organized multitasker at the same time! She doesn’t miss a word I say and has plenty of resources and experiences to share with me that are on point! Susan during my dark time, you were truly a light in the midst of darkness as an ambassador of have no idea how grateful I am foe you bc I don’t know how well things would’ve ended up if I had to deal with it on my own. You’re a safe haven, I never felt judged or insufficient. Well I could go on and on but overall...thank you! God continue to increase you in knowledge, wisdom, strength, favor, grace, love and compassion.

September 8, 2018

Review #33986
Written by T.E. after counseling with Lee Wade for 6 months

Very happy with Lee!

Review #33982
Written by D.O. after counseling with Karen Will for 2 weeks

Karen is amazing. She responds really fast and is very patient and professional. I sometimes message her all day and she always responds. I love her she's awesome!

September 6, 2018

Review #33871
Written by S.U. after counseling with Laura Pengelly for 2 weeks

Laura helped me through a really hard time in my life. I had nowhere to turn. She was a God send.

September 4, 2018

Review #33733
Written by S.U. after counseling with Stephanie Schwanda for 1 year

Excellent counseling and service!

Review #33724
Written by T.I. after counseling with Melissa Russiano for 2 months

Melissa is a caring and wonderfully in-tune counselor. She asks questions that get to the bottom of your needs. She also offers great advice and strategies to help you in all areas.

September 3, 2018

Review #33700
Written by I.S. after counseling with Steve Garufi for 2 weeks

Steve is super empathetic and is working hard to determine what the root cause of my unhappiness, negative thoughts and sadness is. He has asked the right questions to open me up and continues to do so. He is super proactive in reaching out to follow up and give me action plans. Steve is the best!!

Review #33673
Written by C.H. after counseling with Aisha Jakachira for 2 weeks

I very much loved the way Aisha interacted with me in an uplifting and encouraging way. The positive way she counseled with me was very refreshing and I felt 'heard' and 'listened to'. She put the 'truth' into a positive view for me. Thank YOU Aisha!

Aisha JakachiraLPC,CSAC,EMDR

Review #33688
Written by B.O. after counseling with Yolanda Pender for 1 month

Wonderful experience. She has helped me remember my Christian roots and return to a fuller life in Christ. Thank you, Yolanda

Review #33667
Written by N.A. after counseling with Lisa Cooper for 3 weeks

Lisa has been amazing and so kind and thoughtful. I’m very thankful for all she has done and continues to do to help me through my situation.

Lisa CooperMSW,LCSW
September 2, 2018

Review #33658
Written by J.O. after counseling with Dr. Josh Briley for 9 months

Skilled and experienced. Asks excellent questions and provides very helpful advice that brings significant insight and comfort.

September 1, 2018

Review #33593
Written by S.A. after counseling with Lakeetra Catchings for 5 months

Lakreeta really does a great job. She has helped me process and cope with many challenges. I would definitely recommend her, she is so kind and helpful.

August 31, 2018

Review #33569
Written by S.T. after counseling with Cheryl Salas for 4 months

She’s great!

Cheryl SalasM.MFT LMFT

Review #33526
Written by R.E. after counseling with Jesse Moon for 4 months

Jesse Moon is so easy to talk to and always replies to me very fast. Such a good listener and helps give me the tools I need to grow as a person.

Jesse MoonMA, LMFT

Review #33555
Written by S.H. after counseling with Jill Wilkerson for 2 weeks

Jill is a fantastic counselor! She has been able to address my myriad of concerns stemming from a health crisis, marital issues, teenage children, and a failure to launch child. Jill has successfully guided and provided resources for our use to enrich every relationship in my life.

Jill WilkersonLPC/MHSP,NCC
August 30, 2018

Review #33492
Written by A.U. after counseling with Dr. Julie McCune for 4 months

Dr. McCune has been a wonderful support in this season of my life. She was thoughtful in the skills that she presented me with each week, was understanding with my emotions and each situation that I presented to her, helped me to brainstorm ways I could engage differently in situations (which made me feel like I had more control over my emotions and situations as well), and encouraged me in healthier thinking and more realistic and manageable goals. One thing I loved about my sessions with Dr. McCune was her genuine interest in me as a person, in the ministry God has placed me in, and the ways she was able to speak truth into places where I was feeling susceptible to the lies of the enemy. She prayed for me and I felt such real connection with her. Dr. Julie has been a huge blessing to me and I am so grateful for the ways she has helped me to be a healthier person, in body, mind, and spirit. I’m very grateful!

Dr. Julie McCuneM.A., Ph.D., L.P.C.C.-S.

Review #33474
Written by V.O. after counseling with LeAn Sanders for 2 months

Considerate, thoughtful & caring. Very helpful. Made me feel cared for. Good questions & great advice. A real blessing.

LeAn SandersPhD,LPC,NCC

Review #33489
Written by L.E. after counseling with Terri Sawyer for 4 months

Terri is AMAZING! She is always there for me when I need her. I love that I can talk to her everyday and she is right there to talk with. Her knowledge is spot on with what I am going through and gives me guidance in places that I need to grow in. I feel comfortable talking with her and going over all the hard issues I may have. She really is the BEST thing that has happened to me. I recommend Faithful Counseling all the time to my friends because it is a place to go through any time of need.

Review #33471
Written by M.A. after counseling with Melissa Russiano for 5 months

Melissa has been a great help to me in a very difficult and challenging situation. She gives me hope and direction. Thank you for your support.

August 29, 2018

Review #33448
Written by A.M. after counseling with Chris Hollar for 6 months

I've been chatting with Chris for months and his knowledge and expertise has guided me when I've felt like giving up. He is an amazing LCP and I'd recommend him to anyone.

Chris HollarLPC, NCC

Review #33421
Written by C.H. after counseling with Bridget Boursiquot for 2 weeks

She was very caring, provided many points of flexibility and openness too. I really appreciated her willingness to listen and our phone chat was excellent!

Review #33423

Connie RitaLPC,CCTP

Review #33447
Written by M.E. after counseling with Jan Culpepper for 4 months

Jan has been an excellent guide to allow me to better align my behaviors with my stated beliefs, especially in trusting God instead of being overwhelmed by fear and anxiety. Her counsel has provided strategies for helping me to better walk out my faith in a more worthy manner.

Jan CulpepperMA,LPC,CCTP

Review #33392
Written by B.R. after counseling with Donna Glaser for 2 weeks

Great insight and ideas.

August 28, 2018

Review #33346
Written by M.E. after counseling with Sandra Lancaster for 1 month

Sandra is a beautiful sister in Christ. I thank God for the work that she is doing to further His Kingdom through this platform and her work.

Review #33316
Written by C.H. after counseling with Naomi Silva for 1 month

Naomi is everything she claims to be: warm, caring, and an amazing counselor! Her questions are so thought provoking, her approach gentle yet insightful. I would recommend her in a heartbeat--it has been truly such a pleasure to go through counseling with her as the guide.

Naomi SilvaM.Ed, LPCC, A/ET

Review #33336
Written by J.O. after counseling with Joyce Graham for 2 weeks

I am a grown man, a preacher in fact, and have appreciated and trusted Joyce's counsel on personal matters, ranging from dealing with family, anxiety, stress, anger, depression, and boundaries. She has been very helpful. Highly recommended.

Joyce GrahamM.Ed.,LPC
August 27, 2018

Review #33285
Written by R.I. after counseling with Joann Weston for 2 weeks

Joann is really terrific at her job. She’s a true friend to those in need.

Review #33245
Written by R.O. after counseling with Pamela Castellanos for 2 months

The most helpful counselor and professional person I have talked to in a while. Keeps me thinking and moving in positive directions.

Pamela Castellanos MA, LPCC/LPC, NCC

Review #33228
Written by M.E. after counseling with Karen Armstrong for 7 months

I really like working with Karen- she is very helpful!

Karen ArmstrongLMHC, LCPC,LCPP

Review #33271
Written by V.A. after counseling with Dr. Georgiana Lotfy for 2 weeks

She is great. Very nice, kind, and helpful.

Review #33229
Written by E.L. after counseling with Erica Ploski for 2 weeks

Erica has been amazing for me. I can’t say enough great things about her! We connected right away and immediately realized that besides our faith, we have some experiences in common. I can’t wait for our next session!

Erica PloskiM.A.,L.P.C.

Review #33224
Written by K.A. after counseling with Dr. Jason Newcomb for 2 weeks

Dr.Newcomb has found the perfect ballance between professional and personal. He's friendly and warm even via message. His knowledge is often referenced by recent relevant articles and the prayer he incorporates is not only spot on every time but very encouraging

August 26, 2018

Review #33214
Written by C.R. after counseling with Dr. Larry VanHook for 2 weeks

Dr. VanHook, has a calm and reassuring voice/manner with which he counsels in; with both a professional and biblical perspective. He takes the time to read and responds to messages even when not scheduled for a session. He’s helped me clear my perspective as a person and a Christian. All I can say is praise God, thank you Dr. VanHook, and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Larry VanHookDM,M.Div, MA